Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders can cause significant discomfort and impact quality of life, manifesting as pain in the jaw joint, difficulty in chewing and even headaches or earaches. Our dentists and team specialize in diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders, offering patients relief and a path towards improved oral health.

Our approach to TMJ treatment is holistic and patient-centered, focusing on identifying the root cause of symptoms and providing tailored solutions. Dr. Catalina Cruz Johnson and Dr. Marc C. Sharp utilize the latest diagnostic techniques to assess the complexity of each case accurately. Treatment options may include oral appliances, such as mouthguards to prevent teeth grinding during sleep, physical therapy exercises to strengthen jaw muscles and techniques to reduce stress on the jaw.

The team at Dentists at Memorial Park is committed to offering the most effective and noninvasive treatments possible, aiming for long-term relief from TMJ symptoms. For cases requiring more advanced intervention, we work closely with specialists to ensure comprehensive care.

If you are experiencing jaw pain, clicking or discomfort, do not hesitate to contact our office at 713-861-8323. Our dedicated team is here to provide expert TMJ treatment in Houston, Texas, in a caring and professional environment. Let us help you alleviate your symptoms and achieve optimal oral health.