Why You Should Continue to Receive Fluoride Regularly

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Growing up, you may have received fluoride treatments regularly as part of your dental checkups, but many older patients don’t recognize the continued need for fluoride. Regular fluoride ingestion or treatment can fortify your teeth and prevent tooth decay throughout your lifetime.

Because tooth enamel is the first defense against cavities, it needs to remain in good health. The seemingly smooth enamel is actually made up of mineral crystals that are attacked by the harmful acids produced by bacteria but can be replenished through your saliva and the mineral fluoride.

Most people think of fluoride being for children because their smiles are still developing, but it will benefit you throughout your life. Some adults have a particular need for fluoride if they take medication that causes dry mouth, are at an increased risk of decay and disease because of gum recession or have received a dental restoration such as a crowns or braces.

If you use a fluoridated toothpaste or your city fluoridates the drinking water, you may not need any additional supplementation. However, our dentist can recognize the signs of needing more fluoride, and can provide a fluoride treatment or supplement at your next checkup.

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