What Type of Filling is Best for You?

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When you think of getting a cavity filled, you may think of a piece of gold or another type of metal sitting in your tooth. But the fact is that there are different types of fillings, each of which has their own advantages. The best type of filling for your cavity will depend on the size of the cavity and in what tooth it has occurred. The type of filling that you receive may also depend on your price range.

An amalgam filling is made of a combination of different metals, which can include tin, zinc, copper, silver, and mercury. They are strong fillings and they work well on back teeth. They are silver in color but eventually become grey. While composite fillings are fifty percent mercury, it is considered to be an acceptable level. Gold fillings are strong and long-lasting, although you often need to make two trips to the dentist for them to be placed. They are more expensive than other types.

Composite fillings are a combination of powdered glass and acrylic resin. They bond directly to the surface your tooth and can be shaded to match the surface of your tooth. They are placed in layers and are not as strong as fillings made of metal. Ceramic fillings are also tooth-colored but are more fragile than other types of fillings.

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