What Is Periodontics?

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Periodontics is the dental specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the different stages of gum disease. For more information about periodontics, consider the following:

– Periodontics involves the care of all stages of gum disease, including gingivitis.
– A standard side effect that often occurs in conjunction with periodontal disease is halitosis, also identified as bad breath.
– Periodontics is a division of dental specialists that focus entirely on the periodontal disease commonly identified as gum disease.
– Symptoms of potential periodontal disease include excessive swelling, loose teeth, bleeding gums, and gums withdrawing away from the teeth.
– Periodontists receive an extra three years of advanced study beyond normal dental school.
– Periodontists are also trained for installing and repairing dental implants, including their installations and repair.

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