Smile Therapy: Dental Floss

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Have you been making sure to floss every day? It is important that you do so to help limit the presence of debris and plaque that can build up between teeth. Furthermore, it is essential that not only are you flossing every day, but you are also flossing correctly. Aside from using the proper materials that are durable and strong, you need use proper techniques to guarantee that you are reaching all areas between teeth and not missing any areas.

Dental floss plays a key role in your oral health care. This is because it’s the first line of defense for ensuring that any debris or harmful acids stuck between your teeth are effectively eradicated. Because your brush cannot reach these areas, it is important to make sure you have an interdental cleaner that is working as intended. If you choose not to use dental floss, instead try using a water flosser. However, if you do use dental floss, make sure you are flossing at least two minutes per day. Always make sure to clean between each and every tooth and make sure you’re using floss that does not shred easily. In situations where you need to floss between your teeth, never use the same section of the strand more than once, as doing so can lead to contamination.

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