How to Be Rid of Bad Breath

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Bad breath, or halitosis, can ruin your confidence and make social encounters uncomfortable for everyone there. Let’s talk about what causes it and how to get rid of it.

Poor Hygiene

If you’re brushing and flossing your teeth irregularly, that can allow waste-producing bacteria to build up in your mouth and cause your bad breath. You can prevent this kind of bad breath by brushing and flossing consistently, and using a tongue scraper to clean your tongue.

Dry Mouth

One thing that can cause bad breath is a constantly dry mouth. Your saliva has many functions, but one of them is to continually clean your mouth out. Eating healthy foods that require a good amount of chewing, such as apples or carrots, or chewing sugar-free gum, can help with the production of saliva.

Gum Disease

The bacteria in gum disease can cause bad breath. Our dentist can help treat gum disease to remove the cause.

Smoking and Tobacco

If you smoke or chew tobacco, that can have a pronounced negative effect on your breath and increases your chances for many health problems. It also affects your sense of smell, so it can be hard to tell at all if you have bad breath. We strongly recommend quitting as soon as possible.

Medical Conditions

If Dr. Catalina Cruz Johnson has ruled out any oral cause for your bad breath, it might be a different medical problem. Oral or sinus infections, gastric reflux, kidney or liver disease, and diabetes can all cause bad breath. Speak with your doctor to see what treatment options are available.

If you’re having bad breath, come into Dentists at Memorial Park. Our Houston, Texas, dental team is eager to help you.