Getting Your Teeth Their Whitest

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Isn’t it great to have a bright smile you can be confident in? But every day, our teeth face an onslaught of staining foods, beverages, and more. Further, teeth naturally lose some of their lustre as we age. There are plenty of consumer-grade products you can use to whiten your teeth, but for the best results, you should turn to the professionals at Dentists at Memorial Park.

Dr. Catalina Cruz Johnson offers both in-office and take-home whitening solutions for people who want incredible results. Our in-office treatment provides dramatic results in a single brief visit. Everything is taken care of by our skilled team. First we apply a protective gel to your gums, then the whitening gel to your teeth. This is activated by a special light, expediting the whitening process tremendously. Included in this treatment is a take-home kit for touch-ups. The whole process can take an hour or less.

For a convenient, at-home option, we provide custom tray-based whitening. This means that your whitening treatment can be done at your convenience, without compromising on quality results. However, results do take longer to achieve.

Because some patients develop greater tooth sensitivity temporarily during and after a whitening treatment, our dentist will recommend the best course of action for you. But whitening your teeth can help the quality and confidence level of your smile immensely. Please call our Houston, TX, office today to learn more.