Dr. Catalina Cruz Johnson uses a small camera about the size of a pen, called an intraoral camera. These cameras help us clearly see the condition of your teeth and gums. With this advanced technology, we can zoom in on small diseased areas, cracks, chips, and worn metal fillings with extreme precision. The full-color images taken with the intraoral camera are sent to a computer screen so we can clearly see and diagnose dental problems much earlier than with traditional dental technology. Because images are displayed on our screens, patients will also be able to see areas being worked on and are able to gain a better understanding of dental procedures being performed.

Intraoral cameras have several advantages. They provide a live video display that can freeze and capture images. These images can easily be saved to the patient record. There is practically no image distortion. The focus can be switched between intra-oral images and extra-oral images with the slide of a switch. Intra-oral images capture up to three teeth and extra-oral images capture the smile, arch, and portrait images.

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