Dental Bonding Secrets for a Healthy Smile

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Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that uses durable materials such as resin or porcelain to fuse onto teeth to prevent various forms of tooth enamel damage. With dental bonding, you can rescue a damaged tooth. Furthermore, bonding treatments can avoid treatments that entirely conceal a tooth, such as dental crowns. Dental bonding also helps save teeth from potentially one day being subject to a tooth extraction procedure.

In some cases, dental bonding can also be implemented for cavity treatments. Dental bonding can help with cavity repair in the form of a filling without leaving a metallic look as dental amalgam fillings often do. With a suitable level of care and treatment, a single dental bond can easily last over a decade.

Dental bonding requires the use of substances such as resin and porcelain to be placed onto teeth for a seamless blend that carries multiple benefits. If you have fallen victim to an oral accident or injury that has left you with cracked or chipped teeth, it may be possible for dental bonding treatments to correct or seal the damage. Furthermore, dental bonding treatments can repair stains, discolorations, and various other forms of visual abnormalities.

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