A Compromised Dental Crown Needs Professional Treatment

Gold, base metal alloys, and dental grade porcelain serve as common materials that are used to create a dental crown. After being created in a state-of-the-art dental lab, a dental crown is cemented directly onto the anchoring abutment, which is made up of the remaining structure of the previously compromised... Read more »

Modern Day Dentistry: Dental Erosion and Cavity Prevention

How often do you visit your dentist for oral examinations to determine if any dental erosion effects are current? Because you have a limited amount of tooth enamel, make sure that you are well aware if tooth decay is occurring to the point where your enamel is being severely worn... Read more »

Smile Therapy: Dental Floss

Have you been making sure to floss every day? It is important that you do so to help limit the presence of debris and plaque that can build up between teeth. Furthermore, it is essential that not only are you flossing every day, but you are also flossing correctly. Aside... Read more »

Veneers Can Improve or Restore the Appearance of a Smile

What are veneers? A veneer is a thin shell of tooth-colored material that is cemented on the front of a tooth to improve its appearance. Veneers also provide strength to the treated tooth. Veneers are custom made, so they look like natural teeth. Can my smile benefit from veneers? Dr.... Read more »

Why You Should Continue to Receive Fluoride Regularly

Growing up, you may have received fluoride treatments regularly as part of your dental checkups, but many older patients don’t recognize the continued need for fluoride. Regular fluoride ingestion or treatment can fortify your teeth and prevent tooth decay throughout your lifetime. Because tooth enamel is the first defense against... Read more »

Focus Your Smile on Chewing Gum

  In order to ensure optimum oral health, employ oral health care routines into your daily life that will include chewing sugarless gum after meals to help produce additional saliva. This can be very helpful to your oral health, and your overall health. Keeping your smile safe often depends on adequate... Read more »

Flossing Once Per Day for Good Oral Hygiene

Maintaining a healthy mouth encompasses several important factors. This includes brushing your teeth each morning and night. It’s also very important to remember to thoroughly floss between each of your teeth, as well as along the gumline and behind each of your rear molars. If all of these areas are... Read more »

Avoiding Acid Erosion

The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your body. It is the first line of defense that your tooth has to protect it from the substances that can cause tooth decay or an infection that can lead to an abscess. One of the biggest enemies of your... Read more »

What Type of Filling is Best for You?

When you think of getting a cavity filled, you may think of a piece of gold or another type of metal sitting in your tooth. But the fact is that there are different types of fillings, each of which has their own advantages. The best type of filling for your... Read more »

Which Oral Product Should I Choose?

The time has come for you to replace your toothbrush or to buy new toothpaste. Going to the store to buy these products can be stressful because there are so many options. There is an entire shelf, or maybe even wall, of dental product options. Which one should you choose?... Read more »